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Helping companies evolve through data culture in support of strategy and decision making in all areas of business.

Our experience

We are one of the leading Italian providers of data & analytics services in terms of size and experience. We work with major Italian companies in the banking, telco, energy, insurance and consumer goods sectors.

With our pragmatic and creative approach, we are able to find concrete solutions to each of our customers’ problems by employing data analytics to identify and implement real opportunities for business evolution. We produce innovative solutions by drawing on our knowledge base of analytical skills, experience across sectors, design thinking, spirit of enterprise and empathy with customers’ real needs. We believe that data should not only be analyzed but understood and interpreted. To do so, technique and the latest or top performing algorithm are not enough: we apply design thinking to data to identify for each project the most effective approach and the solution that’s best suited to the case in question and easiest to implement and sustain over time. Our team is made up mainly of statisticians, mathematicians, physicists, IT specialists, data scientists and economists, all sharing a passion for data analytics. On top of this, a sense of belonging is fed by Nunatac’s principles, values and organization, which incentivize the individual’s spirit of enterprise and sense of responsibility for the success of the team as a whole.

We invest in training our people and enabling growth for everyone in the team. Technical skills are developed and merged with project management capabilities and experience in the field. Since 2018, we have been a proud part of Alkemy. Merging with the leading digital transformation provider in Italy has bolstered our strategic vision. We follow businesses all along the extended customer value management period and wherever data – digital or otherwise – are available and activatable.

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Our history

Nunatac was formed in 1994, a start-up facilitated by the Calculation Centre at Università Bocconi and A.C. Nielsen’s Statistics Department thanks to an encounter between Alberto Saccardi and Guido Cuzzocrea. Their vision, based on ongoing experimentation of a concrete, applicational approach to data analysis problems, provided the foundations for creating Nunatac: a unique organization capable of combining statistical, IT and business skills and – last but not least – generating “happiness” for those who decided to join us. Nunatac has grown over the years and now is made up of around 80 professionals driven by the same passion and curiosity: the study of data applied to different business contexts and always using innovative methods and tools. In 2018, Nunatac joined Alkemy in order to use its digital expertise to grow value for its customers. Big Data, generated by the digital world and increasingly available in real-time, have to be integrated with traditional data and processed with the most innovative advanced analytics techniques to make strong business sense and generate value. Nunatac now represents Alkemy’s data analytics platform and culture and guides its business transformation/evolution activities.

Our values

PRIVACY POLICY Ai sensi dell’art. 13 del Regolamento (UE) n. 679/2016 (“GDPR”), Nunatac S.r.l., con sede a Milano, Via San Gregorio, n. 34 – 20124 Milano (MI), Partita IVA 11223190155, che opera quale Titolare del trattamento dei dati personali, fornisce le seguenti informazioni. 1. TIPOLOGIA DI DATI TRATTATI

Trattiamo i dati personali:


I dati di cui sopra sono trattati per dar seguito alle richieste degli interessati e alle misure precontrattuali ad esse correlate. Nell’ambito dell’erogazione del servizio, i dati verranno trattati altresì per la verifica della completezza, validità e correttezza dei medesimi, per rispondere a domande e richieste, inviare note tecniche, aggiornamenti, notifiche, messaggi amministrativi e di supporto. Base giuridica del trattamento è pertanto l’esecuzione della prestazione contrattuale o il consenso espresso dall’interessato al momento dell’invio della comunicazione. Il conferimento dei dati è facoltativo ma necessario per gli adempimenti richiesti in relazione alle finalità legate alla conclusione ed esecuzione del contratto. L’eventuale rifiuto dell’interessato di conferire i dati comporta l’impossibilità di dar seguito al rapporto e alla sua puntuale esecuzione.


I dati personali sono raccolti, trattati e conservati mediante strumenti informatici, manuali ed automatizzati e con logiche strettamente correlate alle finalità indicate al paragrafo 2, e comunque in modo da garantire la sicurezza e la riservatezza dei dati stessi tenendo conto anche della relativa tipologia.


I dati personali sono raccolti, trattati e conservati mediante strumenti informatici, manuali ed automatizzati e con logiche strettamente correlate alle finalità indicate al paragrafo 2, e comunque in modo da garantire la sicurezza e la riservatezza dei dati stessi tenendo conto anche della relativa tipologia.


Il titolare del trattamento dei dati è S.r.l., con sede a con sede a Milano, Via San Gregorio, n. 34 – 20124 Milano (MI), Partita IVA 11223190155. Il titolare del trattamento si avvale di Responsabili del trattamento per il raggiungimento delle finalità specificate e di un Data Protection Officer (DPO) per vigilare sulla tutela relativa ai dati personali. Per ogni richiesta relativa ai propri dati personali, l’interessato può, in qualsiasi momento, contattare il Titolare al seguente indirizzo: Nunatac S.r.l.,Via San Gregorio, n. 34 – 20124 Milano (MI).
Soggetti a cui possono essere comunicati dati personali I dati raccolti nell’ambito dell’erogazione del servizio potranno essere comunicati a:

L’elenco dei soggetti nominati Responsabili del trattamento è disponibile contattando il Titolare con le modalità indicate nella presente informativa.


Qualsiasi persona fisica che utilizzi il servizio ha il diritto di:

Nunatac S.r.l. smetterà di trattare i dati, salvo che per motivi legittimi e prevalenti, o per presentare eventuali reclami ovvero difendersi da essi. L’interessato che voglia esercitare qualsiasi dei propri diritti, può contattare il Titolare, in qualunque momento, all’ seguente indirizzo: Nunatac S.r.l.,Via San Gregorio, n. 34 – 20124 Milano (MI).


La presente informativa potrebbe essere soggetta a modifiche. Qualora vengano apportate sostanziali modifiche, Nunatac S.r.l. provvederà a darne comunicazione con la massima evidenza.

PRIVACY POLICY As Data Controller of your personal data, Nunatac S.r.l., based in Milan (Via San Gregorio, n. 34 – 20124 Milano (MI), VAT no. 11223190155), provides the following information pursuant to art. 13, EU Regulation 679/2016 (“GDPR”). 1. TYPE OF DATA PROCESSED

We process personal data:


The aforementioned data are processed in response to users’ requests and relative pre- contractual procedure. Regarding provision of service, data will also be processed to check their completeness, validity and accuracy, answer questions and requests, send technical communications, updates, notices, and administrative and supporting messages. The legal basis of processing is therefore the performance of the contractual service or the consent you grant on sending your communication. Provision of data is optional but necessary for the fulfilment of actions required in connection with executing and performing the contract. If you decline to provide your data, it will be impossible to enter and perform a contract.


Data will be held for as long as is strictly necessary for achieving the purposes indicated in section 2 above in accordance with current legislation safeguarding data subjects’ privacy. Such data are confidential and kept exclusively for internal use or as required by judicial authorities.


Personal data are collected, processed and kept by IT, manual and automated devices and with logics strictly correlated with the purposes indicated in section 2, and in any case in such a way as to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data, also taking into account the type of data.


The data controller of the data is Nunatac S.r.l., based in Milan, Via San Gregorio, no. 34 – 20124 Milano (MI), VAT no. 11223190155. The data controller engages processing managers for the achievement of the purposes specified above and a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to monitor personal data protection. For any enquiries about their personal data, interested parties may at any time contact the Data Controller at the following address: Nunatac S.r.l., Via San Gregorio, no. 34 – 20124 Milano (MI).
Subjects to whom personal data may be communicated Data collected for the purposes of providing the service may be communicated to:

A list of subjects designated as processing managers can be had by contacting the Data Controller in the manner indicated in this notice.


Any natural person who uses the service is entitled to:

Nunatac S.r.l. will cease to process the data unless on legitimate and overriding grounds or to lodge or defend itself against complaints. Data subjects wishing to exercise any of their rights may contact the Data Controller at any time at the following address: Nunatac S.r.l., Via San Gregorio, n. 34 – 20124 Milano (MI).


This notice may be subject to modifications. Whenever substantial modifications are made, Nunatac S.r.l. will give notice thereof as a matter of the utmost urgency.

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